Kennel Club Good Citizen Classes

Progress your handling skills and your dog's abilities together.
The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme is the largest dog training scheme in the UK. It aims to promote responsible ownership and enhance the relationship with our dogs. The Scheme is non-competitive, teaches useful real-world skills and will further the bond between you and your dog. It also provides a real sense of achievement – and is great fun too!

The Scheme is open to all dogs, mixed-breed or pure-bred, of any age and they do not need to be registered with the Kennel Club to participate.

Progressive Awards

There are three levels of achievement, each with a more challenging progression of exercises. These exercises have been designed for real-life safety, practicality and comfort that will serve you and your dog for many years to come. Our relaxed and friendly classes teach techniques to accomplish each exercise and guide you towards achieving each Good Citizen award level.

Entry-level Bronze

The Bronze class will enhance and progress basic obedience skills. Training takes place outdoors with more space and real-world distractions. Dogs totally new to training, with poor command response or very easily distracted may benefit from our indoor foundation courses or some individual sessions before starting the Bronze class.

Going for Gold

For those who want to progress to the Silver and then Gold classes, the preceding award must be passed. See the Silver and Gold exercise descriptions below and imagine the exciting skills you and your dog could accomplish and show-off upon attainment of these advanced awards!

Next Good Citizen Classes

Classes are held fortnightly on Saturdays afternoons, on alternate weekends to our Agility classes. Classes may sometimes be cancelled due to extreme weather. If so, class members will be contacted by the trainer on Saturday morning.

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To view all scheduled class dates, please see our Class Schedule page.

Good Citizen Award Exercises

More detail about each level’s exercise goals are provided below. Assessments are scheduled periodically through the year and carried out independently by a local Kennel Club approved assessor. Assessments are relaxed and fun and participants can decide with the trainer when ready to go for an award.

Bronze Award

The Bronze class will progress your dog’s basic obedience, introduce ways to encourage self-control and promote a greater understanding and bond between you and your dog. The class also ensures the owner has the basic knowledge to be a responsible dog owner. The objective of the class is to achieve all the following exercises:

  • Cleanliness and Identification. Handler to show they are responsible dog owners and complying with the law.
  • Collar and Lead. Handler to safely remove and replace suitable lead and collar to their dog.
  • Walk on Lead. Handler to walk their dog on a loose lead without distractions.
  • Control at Door/Gate. Handler and dog to walk through a door or gate on lead and under control.
  • Controlled Walk Amongst People and Dogs. Handler to remain in control of their dog whilst walking amongst other dogs, people and distractions.
  • Stay on Lead for One Minute. Dog to stay in one position (stand, sit or down) whilst handler moves away 5 paces.
  • Grooming. Handler to demonstrate they can groom their dog without a struggle.
  • Examination of the Dog. Dog to allow owner to exam its body (to include, but not limited to: mouth, eyes, ears and feet).
  • Return to Handler. Handler to be able to recall dog and have lead replaced.
  • Responsibility and Care. To test the knowledge of the handler.

The class provides the basis for the Kennel Club Good Citizen assessment at Bronze Level, although we understand some people may wish to attend the class, but not take the assessment. Further detail on the course objectives and assessment exercises can be downloaded from the Kennel Club here: Bronze Award Exercises (opens PDF in new window).

Silver Award

Our Silver Award class is open to all dogs that have achieved the Bronze Award, either with PAWS 4 FUN or at another club. The Silver Award aims to build on the skills achieved in the Bronze award whilst increasing the level of difficulty. It is a natural progression of practical dog training skills and introduces some new concepts. The objective of the class is to achieve all the following exercises:

  • Play. Handler and dog must demonstrate that they can play together.
  • Road Walk. To test the ability of the dog to walk on lead under control near a road with traffic.
  • Rejoin Handler. Dog to be left and remain steady, then return to handler when called.
  • Stay in one Place. Dog to remain in one position for 2 minutes while handler moves away.
  • Vehicle Control. Dog to get in and out of a car, quietly and in a controlled manner.
  • Come away from Distractions. Handler to keep dog under control whilst there are distractions.
  • Controlled Greeting. Dog remain steady (keeping all paws on the floor) when meeting people.
  • Food Manners. Dog to remain relaxed whilst being made aware that food is around.
  • Examination of the Dog. Dog to remain relaxed while they’re examined by someone other than their handler.
  • Responsibility and Care. To test the knowledge of the handler.

The exercises within the Silver Award are important in everyday life situations, and aim to provide handlers with a good knowledge and understanding whilst training their canine companion. Further detail on the course objectives and assessment exercises can be downloaded from the Kennel Club here: Silver Award Exercises (opens PDF in new window).

Gold Award

The Gold Award is the highest level of achievement within the Scheme. It builds upon the skills learnt in the Silver Award and develops more advanced training skills of the dog and handler. The Gold Award introduces new concepts such as sending the dog to a bed – in a fun way, being relaxed when alone and doing emergency stops. Imagine the enjoyment and real-life practicality of having a companion that can achieve all the following exercises:

  • Road Walk. Dog to walk on lead at different speeds with handler near a road with traffic.
  • Return to Handler’s Side. Dog to return to handler and walk off lead for a distance.
  • Walk Free Beside Handler. Dog to be kept close to handlers side whilst walking off lead.
  • Stay Down in One Place. Dog to lay down for 2 minutes while owner moves out of sight.
  • Send The Dog To Bed. Not as a punishment but to demonstrate control.
  • Stop The Dog. Handler to stop their dog at a distance in an emergency situation.
  • Relaxed Isolation. Dog to remain content when owner leaves them and goes out of sight.
  • Food Manners. Dog to be fed in an orderly controlled manner, either in a bowl or by hand.
  • Responsibility and Care. To test the knowledge of the handler.

For dogs who have reached the dizzy heights of Silver (with PAWS 4 FUN or at another club), why not go for Gold! Further detail on the class objectives and assessment exercises can be downloaded from the Kennel Club here: Gold Award Exercises (opens PDF in new window).

Good Citizen Award Class Enquiry / Request to Join

Please use the form below to ask any questions or request to join our Good Citizen class. Your message will be sent to Debbie, who will reply as soon as possible. Any personal details you provide, such as your email address and phone numbers will be used only to respond to your message.


Debbie Owen

Kennel Club Good Citizen Award Scheme Classes

Debbie was brought up training dogs with the use of the check/choke chain, but when she attended her first Cornish training club back in 1992, she realised training shouldn’t be like that and now encourages owners to train with kind, fair and effective methods.  Debbie and her Collies have participated in working trials, agility and fly-ball, as well as attaining the Kennel Club Good Citizen Gold Award of course!

07721 602041Email Debbie

Good Citizen Class Photos

A few snapshots of our Good Citizen classes, held outdoors near Bugle.

Outdoor Class Location

Meadows, Criggan, Bugle, St Austell, PL26 8QX.

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